nvm is not compatible with the npm config “prefix” option: currently set to “/usr local/Cellar/nvm/0.34.0/versions/node/v10.16.0”
Run npm config delete prefix or nvm use --delete-prefix v10.16.0 --silent to unset it.

Looks familiar?

Ok, I need to be able to change node versions for different projects. npm is handy tool for such cases.

_ I don’t have node installed globally
_ nvm version 0.34 installed via brew</li>

Problem was that my fresh opened console didn’t know command node, so I had to run nvm use xxx, then it complained on config prefix option, then running npm config delete prefix didn’t give any result because env: node: No such file or directory, so I needed to run nvm use --delete-prefix v10.16.0 which is solution for open tab of terminal only. And I was supposed to repeat that everytime I open new window in terminal.


How I fixed that:

  • run nvm use --delete-prefix v10.16.0 to be able to start node
  • run node to ensure that it’s working
  • run npm config delete prefix to ensure that it’s deleted
  • run to set it back npm config set prefix $NVM_DIR/versions/node/v10.16.0

So, basically I needed to reset nvm prefix.

I hope it will help you too 🤓