I was super excited to learn about Jekyll and it’s combo with GitHub Pages. Before, I used Blogger from Google. Honestly, I didn’t like Blogger at all. It has ugly editor, html generated for post is brutal to edit. The nice things about Blogger - it is available right away for every user who has account in google, it has comments, it has share buttons, etc.

My main idea is not to write long posts or to write very often, no I am not a blogger 😅 But I want to be able to share or make note really quickly. I like efficient tools. Who doesn’t, right? And Jekyll + GitHub Pages looks like it gives you this opportunity.

  • It uses markdown as a template language
  • You keep it on github. All you need to do is just commit and push a new post. Though it will take couple minutes before changes will be reflected.
  • It offers powerful support for code snippets
  • It is written in Ruby ♥️

Now instead of keeping things in gists, notes, codepen I’ll be able to keep them here. I love this idea

Documentation to

If you would like to setup Jekyll for yourself I would recommend to look through this video course: Jekyll Giraffe Academy, especially last episode about deploying to GitHub pages

Happy blogging