If you are digging through type annotation file *.d.ts you might find it helpfull to fold some declarations to level 2 only.

Hit cmd+shift+P to get the command pallete and look for Fold Level 2.

After that you will see declarations collapsed:

Folded to level 2 and now easily can be seen all declarations

Helpful tool ts-node

npm install -g ts-node helps you to test your typescript from console without prior compiling ts files. Basically, instead of:

$tsc file.ts
$node file.js

you will be able to do:

$ts-node file.ts

Pretty handy.

Tool to help us run Typescript in the browser

npm install -g parcel-bundler

Library to generate fake data

npm install faker

And because type definitions are not included we also need to install npm install @types/faker

Typescript convention

Try to avoid default for exports. The reason for that is we don’t need to worry if we need or not to include curly braces in import statement.

export const red = 'red';
export const green = 'green';
import { red, green } from 'file';